We’re getting bombarded with news about 3D-TVs, the kind you need special glasses to view. Sports fans say it will make you feel like you’re right on the field or basketball court. Detractors say that nothing beats going to the game and carrying a portable TV with you.

vizio-razorSince we doubt that consumers are going to be crazy about watching TV through battery-powered glasses, let’s go back to watching the big game on a portable TV. Surprisingly (or not) this turns out to be very popular even if you’re there. We’ve gone to games and seen lots of people watching plays on their TVs, even though the live action is going on right in front of them. The reason is the TV provides close-ups. Vizio is coming out with a $150 model that’s less than one-inch thick. It’s the “Razor VMB070.” It has a 7-inch screen and weighs less than a pound; the battery lets you watch for three hours. Other makers are sure to follow.

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