sleep-therapy-pillowIf you like to listen to music or an audio book before you go to sleep, and your partner does not, you might like the “Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers.” They’re two ultra thin speakers that fit under your pillow so you can surround your head with sound without anyone else listening in.

The speakers can connect to iPods, MP3 players, CD players, TVs and audio books. We tried it with the Amazon Kindle, which can be used to listen to books as well as read them. It worked fine but made us wonder if any tiny speakers would work just as well.

The speakers sell for $17 at, and work with any pillow. For $100, you can buy a Natural Sounds Therapy System that comes with a sound machine for ocean surf, thunderstorms, rain, woodlands and eight other sleep-inducing sounds, along with the speakers and a pillow. More info at

Whenever anyone goes into a topic like this, the question of sleep-learning comes up.  Most people have wondered is they could learn another language or stud for exams while hearing lectures in their sleep. Many studies have been done on this and the record is not good. When questioned later about the content of the information delivered in their sleep, hardly anyone could remember anything about the subject.

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  1. I own a pair of the pillow speakers and love them! I bought mine here: