Joy isn’t bothered by animated ads on web sites but Bob can’t stand them; he makes a mental note never to deal with any company that uses them.

If you’re like Bob, there are several ways to clock them.  If you use the Mozilla “Firefox” browser (, you can download their free Ad Blocker and this works quite well. We found that a few ads get through the filter, but only a very few. No animated ads got through.  Remember: you can have as many web browsers as you like on your computer; they don’t interfere with each other.

If you’re using the new Internet Explorer 8, the “InPrivate” feature works like an ad blocker.  You can enable it by holding down the “CNTRL” and “Shift” keys and tapping the “F” key.  Another way to remove all advertising from a site is a favorite of Bob’s. If you pull down the “File” menu at the top of the Windows screen, one of your choices is “print preview.” If you select that, only the text and graphics within the article appear, all ads are wiped out.

Another way to do it is to use the mouse to select just the part of a web page that you want. Do control-c to save it to the clipboard, then paste it into Word or any other word processor.


  1. ad blockers are great, but many business sites, the only way in is a pop up window, So you’re d***ed if you do and d***ed if you don’t. Perhaps someday these business sites will have a solution.

  2. You can always click to temporarily allow pop-ups.