stardock-fencesIf you’re anything like us, there are so many icons on your laptop or desktop that it’s hard to find the ones you want. “Fences” is a free program that corrals the icons you use most often into clusters, making them easy to scan with a glance.

After installing the program from, you can start with the default settings. When we did that, our documents were immediately grouped on one side of our desktop. Our folders were in a separate area above that, and our web links above that. We also had a fenced-off area for “quick links,” “recent things” and “programs.” When we saved a new document to the desktop, it went straight into the right corral. There aren’t any drawings of fences around your clips, just shaded areas that group them together.

If you want, you can drag your mouse to create your own fences and apply your own labels. Double-click to hide all the icons except those you want to stay in view, then double-click again to get them all back.

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