Green pea and Feta Quiche

Green Pea and Feta Quiche

As we alerted you earlier, a free download from Amazon would let you read digital books on your computer screen.

Now it’s hereYou can try out free samples or buy Kindle books and have them delivered to your desktop, whether you own a Kindle or not. Joy downloaded “Super Freakonomics” on Bob’s computer.

Then she installed the free software on her own computer to get access to her 51-book Kindle library. This will be really helpful on an airplane when she has her laptop with her. She won’t have to bring the Kindle too, and take a chance on losing it,  which happened to us once.

With Kindle for PC, you get color pictures. What a difference this makes in books like Mollie Katzen’s “Get Cooking.” It’s hard to get excited over gray pictures on a Kindle. On a PC they really pop. If your computer has a touch screen, you can turn the pages with your fingers.

“Kindle for PC” is  just for Windows but a Mac version is coming soon. More info at

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