When Junior’s cellphone is charging in the living room, Mom’s  is in the kitchen, Dad’s is in the office, and Grandma’s is in the hall, we’re talking chaos. How much easier for everyone to drop them on a single pad and go.

myGridWildcharge came out with just such a pad two years ago, and now Duracell, a leader in batteries, has licensed their technology for a similar device called the “myGrid,” which can charge up to four devices at once. The trick is that you need to keep a “power clip” or sleeve on your phone so that it can activate the charger. The MyGrid is $80 and comes with one power clip adapter and power clip tips compatible with various Blackberry, Nokia and Motorola RAZR phones. If you prefer the sleeve to the clip, you can buy them for the Blackberry or iPod touch for $35 each. Sounds expensive to us but a friend of ours says it takes all the hassle out of charging. The myGrid will be available in October. More info at

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