Corel PhotoShowThere’s a really nice free slide show maker from Roxio. It adds music and smooth dissolves as the show moves from picture to picture. After you’ve made your slide show you can post it to any of 24 social networking sites. The results are terrific and you can get the free program at Roxio also has a premium version for $40 a year.

Here’s the catch on the free version: your slideshow disappears in 30 days. Now for most people, that’s long enough. But the $40 a year version is tempting in a number of ways.  You’ll find that when you click on many of the features in the free version, they tell you it’s a “premium” feature.

The premium version gives you the ability to burn your show to DVD, add video and access 400 songs or use your own music. The finished show can be made into a podcast on iTunes.

Our favorite alternative to the free version of PhotoShow is Google’s Picasa. You can string pictures together and add music. You can click “sync to web” to put your photos in an online album. Click “share” to create a slideshow others can see. It’s not as fancy as PhotoShow Premium, but does a good job.

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