Eighty percent of all job offers come from people who know you, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So you need to network, as they say. A new job site helps you do that.

UpMO role modelsIt’s called “,” which stands for upwardly mobile. The service measures your readiness for your next promotion and helps you get there. New to is the “intelligent job search,” which filters jobs using criteria you supply when you fill out your profile page. It uses salary data from 4,000 jobs at to show what you might be able to earn, and uses to scour job boards and company websites for postings. You also get a membership in the UpMo group on, which may bring you contacts to help get you that next job. (We are both on LinkedIn, by the way, but are not looking for jobs.)

To us, the role models at were intriguing. You can choose a role model from dozens of suggestions in your chosen field. These are real people with real life stories, though you won’t be able to send them an email unless you already know their address. You can see their career plotted on a graph superimposed on that of your own career. It gives you a good idea of what people did to get where they are. Joy chose Dean Takahashi, a former Los Angeles Times reporter who now covers video games for VentureBeat. You can keep selecting role models till you find one that inspires you.

The service is free for the first 10 days. After that it’s $7 a month, or $30 for six months in advance.

One Response to “GETTING AHEAD”

  1. Hi Bob and Joy! I’m a big fan and very active user of UpMo. I really like the role models (UpMo calls them “UpModels”), too. UpMo is all about helping you visualize and take control of your career path, and as you noted, being able to plot your own career path against other wildly successful professionals helps out in many ways. For example, the UpMo career roadmap module helps me understand how long it will realistically take to get to certain steps in my career. That’s important for me, because I’m a young and impatient guy! I also like the fact that you’re automatically matched with an UpModel based on the results of UpMo’s “Network Readiness Evaluator.” The NRE is a 10-minute assessment that helps you figure out your unique networking “personality,” and gives you personalized suggestions on how *you* can network more effectively. Being able to see UpModels that have the same networking style, and contrast those people against other UpModels with different networking styles, gives you even more insight.