We’re on a never-ending quest for the perfect way to share large files, keep your home and work computers synced, and do it all for free. We think we found the solution at an Internet service called Dropbox.

get-dropboxYou start by installing the program on all your computers. A drop box icon appears on each of their screens. Drag your files into a drop box on one computer and the next time the others are connected to the Internet, the files will show up in the drop boxes on all computers. You could have a Mac, a Windows and a Linux machine, but your files, photo albums and music collections will stay in sync on all three.

Drag stuff into a “public” folder if you want to share it. Right click a folder or file, and you’ll see “Dropbox” as one of the menu items. Click it and choose “link” and you’ll get a link you can copy and paste into an email or text message. The recipient can click that link to get the file.

To view your files online from a computer that doesn’t have the program installed, you sign in at If you accidentally delete a file, you can later undelete it. The free version of the service comes with two gigabytes of storage space, which for us is plenty. If you want more space you can get 50 GB for $10 a month, and 100 GB for $20 a month.

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