medeguide-medical-tourism has information on getting medical procedures done in other countries. If you think prices are too high where you are, try might want to go somewhere else. We read about a woman who had a knee replacement done in New Zealand for less than half the cost in the U.S. A luxury hotel stay was included. Bob once sat next to an airline passenger on the way to have open heart surgery in South Africa; the cost was one-tenth what it would have been in New York. is the website for “Rejecta Mathematica,” the online journal for scientific papers rejected by other journals. Some great papers have been rejected by journals that should have known better. Paul Lauterbur, the father of magnetic-resonance imaging, had his research paper rejected by the prestigious Nature Magazine. He later won a Nobel Prize for his discovery. The site was founded by four graduate students at Rice University in Houston. allows Bail Bondsmen to collaborate regarding their current and badbondspast clients. They can exchange information with each other and with bounty hunters. Interesting site on an oddball topic.

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