In a recurring nightmare, we’re still in college. But we’re late for class, have lost all our notes, haven’t paid attention for months and are about to flunk out. Then we wake up

StudyBlueand remember that we aren’t in college anymore and already have degrees.

Those of you who are still in college (you’ll have this nightmare later) should check out If you’ve lost your class notes, you can probably find notes just like them right here. You can also find outlines of your textbooks and flashcards to help you prepare for exams. You can view these tools on your computer or an iPhone. (So why are you paying all that tuition?)

StudyBlue was started at the University of Wisconsin and has since spread to 2,100 campuses. If it hasn’t yet spread to your campus, you will probably still find useful info since many colleges use the same textbooks. You can also interact with other students, find tutors, and get study reminders.

According to a survey by StudyBlue and, contrary to popular opinion, students spend much more time studying online than they do viewing Facebook or game sites.

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