There seems to be some kind of popular device called an iPhone. Bob says he refuses to understand what that is, but here are three new books on the subject. (Did you know there are 50,000 apps (applications) that can be downloaded to the iPhone?)

  • “Best iPhone Apps,” by Josh Clark; $20 from Good short book that covers about 200 of the 50,000 iPhone apps: Twitter tips, Literary Trivia, General News, Comics, Games, Travel, How to Hail a Taxi, Rail Schedules in the Best iPhone AppsU.S. (Remember: they’re almost always late), etc. We liked “Bebot,” a robot that sings when you tap or slide your finger and includes a sound synthesizer that turns your iPhone into a music machine. “Artnear” shows you art galleries and exhibitions worldwide.
  • “iPhone, the Missing Manual,” by David Pogue; $25, This book covers all iPhones, including the new iPhone 3GS, which, is much faster than the regular iPhone and offers a camcorder and compass. The book also covers the new iPhone 3.0 software, a free upgrade for those 23 million existing iPhones, which gives them the ability to send messages with pictures and video, do voice dialing and 100 other things the 3GS can do.
  • My New iPhone,” by Wallace Wang; $30, This covers 52 simple projects to get you started with your new toy, including setting up email, installing programs, turning your iPhone into a radio and making free phone calls.   

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