•  provides a catalog of more than 40 Open Source applications that visitors can try for free, right from their browser without downloading any software. Nice tutorials too.
  • Get out of your cell phone contract by selling it to someone else, who avoids the typical activation fees and gets a free phone.
  • and are free browsers  for kids that protect them automatically. Parents don’t have to know what safeguards to turn on. There’s also a general summary here. We found out about some of these from the eSafety Guide at 
  • a $25 a month service that lets musicians sell their music online from their own websites and keep 100 percent of the royalties, something you can’t do at MySpace or Facebook. The Tune Depot Marketplace will also promote their tunes.
  • This site has a workbook children can use to keep them safe on the Internet. It’s from a Verizon retailer.

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