More than 250 million people use for their email. Finally grasping the size of that, Yahoo is adding 12 applications that can be used without leaving the email window.

Best of breed among the new apps within email:

  •, which lets you make secure money transfers.
  • Edit photos and share photo collages with
  • lets you email files as large as 100MB for free. (That’s a really big file!)
  • Family Journal: build your family tree and connect with relatives.
  • Movies: share movie trailers, show times and reviews.
  • OtherInBox, which finds bulk emails, such as newsletters, and puts them in folders where you can get to them later.

These applications are just starting to come online in Yahoo mail. Go to to get them. If you don’t have a Yahoo! email account, you can get one for free at and have your email forwarded there. (This brings up something that many people we talk to don’t know: You can have any emails forwarded to some other email service. Bob for example, stopped using America Online a couple years ago and has emails from there forwarded to

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