Some of us appear in several places on the web. For example, we have a web site, a MySpace page, a Facebook page, photo albums on Picasa and SmugMug, a Twitter page and some reviews at Amazon. It’s common to see one location and not others. A service called “UnHub” puts everything in one place.

First you sign up for a free account at unhub.com. Then choose your site. Your new UnHub address will take people to your selected starting point. In our case that’s OnComp.com, the web site for our columns. But you may like your MySpace page best, or a personal website. The top of the screen for whichever site you choose will have an UnHub bar, which shows links to the other sites. When you give out your UnHub address, friends and associates will see all your locations. Our UnHub address is: unhub.com/oncomp.

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