Bob’s favorite technology book series is the “Evil Genius” group from McGraw Hill’s Tab division. There are more than a dozen of these and the Evil Genius tag that appears in all their names is for marketing – just as the “(fill-in-the-blank) for Dummies” series isn’t really for dummies.

Electronic Circuits for the Evil GeniusNo evil genius is required to use or enjoy these books, which are filled with projects for people who like to tinker and experiment at home or school. Sample titles are “Science Fair Projects for the Evil Genius;” “Programming Video Games for the Evil Genius;” “Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius,” etc. The projects are similar to what you might find in “Popular Science” magazine. They tell you the cost for each project and warn of any risks. The books run around $20-$25 each and you can find them at MHProfessional.com.

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