INTERNUTS: Executive Tweets, Mac Games, Pirates

  • You’ve heard of Twitter, the social networking site that enables you to send 140-word instant text blasts to other twits. Those are called “tweets.” ExecTweets has tweets just from company executives. It’s sponsored by Microsoft.
  • lets you play a game for free for one hour and pay $10 if you want it.Smashing TennisTheir latest is “Smashing Tennis,” adjustable for grass, clay, paved and “DecoTurf” courts.
  • shows videos of people convicted of software piracy. So far, only five people are shown. BSA stands for Business Software Alliance. (Bob notes that in the 19th century, the leading copyright thieves were in the U.S. Charles Dickens complained that his books were best sellers in America, but he never got a nickel in royalties. More recently, science fiction author Isaac Asimov complained that his works had sold 30 million copies in Russia, but they never paid him anything. As we see, it’s an old story.)

2 Responses to “INTERNUTS: Executive Tweets, Mac Games, Pirates”

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