If the videos you took with your cell phone or video cameras came out blurry, shaky or too dark, we found a fixit program that’s dead simple to use. It’s called vReveal, from The program first finds all the videos on your computer and puts them into a gallery with thumbnail pictures representing each one. This makes it easy to find anything you want to fix. Click the “auto fix” to fix a video all at once, or choose to fix each aspect separately.

 The program shows you old and new versions side by side. We saw a lot more clarity in our videos after using the program’s fixes. Click “share” to save the new version to your computer or upload it to YouTube. The program lists for $50, but there’s a free 30-day trial. 

“vReveal” is for Windows only, by the way, and outputs either a “WMV” or “AVI” file. If you want to share the video with Mac users, suggest they download “flip4Mac” from A similar program we liked is “VT3 Video Converter,” at


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