“Dazzle” is a relatively low-priced device for transferring VHS video tapes to CD or DVD. Once you have a video in digital form, you can burn it to disk or send it out over the web.

The good news is that Dazzle works and costs less than $50. The bad news Dazzleis that it will take longer than the playing time of the video itself to transfer the tape. Got a two-hour movie, home or otherwise, that you want to transfer to a DVD? It will take at least two hours to do it.

Second problem is that Dazzle has to be connected to both the tape deck and the computer. If they are not close to each other – and there’s no reason why they would be, you will have to move them together. If you use a laptop this could be easy, but otherwise, you have some heavy lifting. You can find Dazzle at

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