• is a Microsoft site that is offering cash back amounts of two to seven percent on products purchased through the site. Not all products are eligible for this. When you go to the site’s main page, click on the box that says “Cash Back” to get the special deals. We checked a few of them and the prices were comparable to Amazon or slightly better, even before the cash back kicker.
  • is a collection of more than 12,000 opinion surveys the site maintains for continuous updates by visitors. Some are on odd subjects. One of the choices in the poll for Thai restaurant names, for example, is “Bow Thai.” (Oddly enough, Bob once ate at a restaurant called “Beau Thai,” in Chicago.) You can suggest a new opinion poll for their site or make one up, using their simple form for doing so, to email to people or post to your own web site or blog.
  • is a job hunting site that keeps the job hunter anonymous. Someone looking for a job provides their email address, but that information is kept confidential until an employer likes the lookRealMatchof the candidate’s description. At that point, the potential employer pays a fee to get the candidate’s name and contact info. The site is quick and easy to use because you can cite your skills by checking them off from a list for each job category.

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