SpyBot Search and Destroy is out in a new version that adds a spy shield to block incoming bad guys and keep the decks clear. And as before, it’s free.

We have used the old version for years and run it first thing every morning. The new version 1.5 now works with Vista as well as earlier versions of Windows. We have been using it every day and sometimes twice a day. When Joy downloaded the new version and ran the first scan, SpyBot found 58 pieces of spyware on her H-P desktop machine. The previous version had typically found five to 10. Both of us found the spy shield function works so well, that when we run SpyBot now, it usually comes up with no spies found.

The new version works on its own and/or with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Spybot Opera Web browsers to block spies before they can get on your machine. A new tool in the program prevents changes being made to the Windows registry file, a key hiding place for many spies. If you want to permit a change, you can do that.

We have found that with this spyware blocker and the AVG Antivirus program, both of which are free, our computers have been running cleanly. You can get SpyBot at and AVG Antivirus at Both programs are the best of their type that we’ve tried.


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