Lots of times we see small products that aren’t worth writing about at length, but are nonetheless worth passing along. Now passing:

Highlight This!

We tried out a yellow highlighter for Web sites. It’s called an “i-lighter” and it works much like the familiar yellow markers we use on printed pages. When you load the software, a tiny marker pen symbol appears at the top of the screen. Click on it and you can highlight anything on the Web page. If you click on a similar pen icon at the bottom of the screen, it shows you all the things you’ve highlighted so far. You can organize these into folders if you want.

You can e-mail the highlights or post them to a blog and access them anytime from your computer or mobile phone. The i-lighter is in beta version right now, and it’s free from

The Slide Show

If you ever wanted to make a quick and easy slide show for your Web site or blog, Flash Slide Show Maker is the quickest and easiest we’ve seen in many a moon. It’s free from

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