NTI Ninja works with any USB flash or hard drive and allows you to set part of 

Ninjathe drive’s contents to be open and part of them locked. A similar program is Folder Lock, which we wrote about last year. It’s $35, and Ninja is $10.

You can find Folder Lock at and Ninja at Both protective programs use encryption to make selected files unreadable, but Folder Lock has many more features. It can make files invisible to anyone browsing the contents of your drive, and it can also be used to shred files so they cannot be recovered through other searches.

Users of U3 flash drives probably won’t want the Ninja software. U3 flash drives use portable programs, like AbiWord, a word processor similar to Microsoft Word. Ninja will erase all your U3 programs except your launch pad, so users better be able to reinstall everything.

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