Hound appHound” is a free competitor to Apple’s “Siri,” Google’s “Now” and Microsoft’s “Cortana.” The app works with Android and iPhones. It responds to your voice and answers your questions; it will even play games with you. It can estimate Uber fares, do translations, and handle more complex questions, like “Which hotels in Anchorage have swimming pools and are less than $200 a night?” (Well, for a place like Anchorage, that’s pretty easy. Bob has an interesting story about a coffee shop around the corner from the Hilton, but he can’t tell it here.)

We asked Hound to play us something by Cole Porter and it came back with “Anything Goes,” on a Honky-tonk piano no less. (Does anybody know anything anymore? Bob asked a clerk in a music store if he had any Cole Porter albums and the clerk said “Is that a new group?”)

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