DJI_Phantom_2_Vision+_V3Recently we wrote about taking our drone to the park and seeing it waft miles away from us in a few seconds. Afterward, a reader wrote us with his solution. It does not involve hours of practice flying.

He bought a much more expensive drone — the “DJI Phantom 2.” It costs $1500, or $1200 more than the one we flew, but has great features. It’s harder to lose because it locks onto GPS satellite mapping to stabilize flight. “You can take your hands off the controls and the drone will stay in place in the sky even if the wind is blowing,” he says. “It will come back down to the place it took off from if the controller is shut off, or if it flies outside the controller’s range.” This last part is purely theoretical, he admits, because he hasn’t tried it yet. He uses “Trackimo” to keep track of the drone if after all his safeguards, he still loses it.

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