5850263741_c162206a76_bJoy just finished a two-month long, online cooking course from Now she feels like a professional chef. There are a number of such courses online. Here are a few. is normally $100, though we caught it on sale for $50. The “Rx” in the title is about using a plant-based diet to avoid or reverse major diseases. The “culinary” part is about a chef’s best practices. The course gets you cooking because you must upload photos of your masterpieces, and it has quizzes, with flash card practice. Joy loved the video demonstrations and the recipes were better than any she’s found in books or on the web. Before taking this course, she found it difficult to please Bob, who used to be the food critic for the Chicago Tribune. But he said her Greek potatoes were better than a restaurant’s and the rice pilaf was divine. She got an “A” from the course and from Bob, with a fancy scroll to boot. is $25 a month or $200 a year, with training from chefs from the “Top Chef” TV show  They have a 24-hour free trial. has New York Times video cooking lessons with attached recipes in dozens of categories, such as “”Casseroles for Cold Nights,” “Nine Classic Italian Sauces you should master” “and “13 Recipes that will Make You Fall in Love with Whole Grains.” has free courses in pizza-making, whole grains, cakes, knife skills and avoiding common cooking mistakes.

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