Video drone still shotWhy go anywhere when a drone can soar over the landscape providing views you could never get on the ground? (Especially useful for buying castles in Spain.)

Go to for some amazing drone panoramas. They mainly cover Japan, but also India, San Francisco and Hong Kong. And there is no danger of food poisoning.

THE LOUVRE- from fullscreen360Another great site for armchair traveling is We looked at the Louvre, the Trevi Fountain, Machu Picchu and Yosemite. (No extra charge for side trips.) As you click a left or right arrow, the view opens in that direction and can ultimately give you a full 360 degrees. It feels like you’re there, and of course you’re walking on air. There are dozens of panoramas.

If you go to and click “tour,” you can see inside the Supreme Court, including areas usually off limits to the public. There are 360 degree panoramas of the great halls, the judges’ chambers and more.

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