Here are some cool gadgets from the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. As with all CES products, they’re expected out by the end of the year, but you never know for sure.  Here are the coolest of the cool.

  • ili wearable translator from It’s the size of a small flip phone and when you speak into it, it translates between English, Chinese and Japanese. A short video on the company’s website is fun. A handsome young guy with big dimples takes the device to the streets of Japan. He makes comments in English to pretty girls and the gadget speaks them aloud in Japanese. Often, he says he would like to kiss them. Most run away, but he leaves them laughing.
  • Samsung’s “Family Hub” refrigerator, for $5000, is a TV, radio, calendar, and grocery ordering system in one. It takes a picture every time you close your fridge, and, through a “Groceries by Mastercard” app, reminds you to order what you’re out of. (Fortunately, it doesn’t order automatically or we’d be up to our gargle in carrot juice.) A giant touch screen on the outside lets you play music, watch TV, check your calendar or read recipes. (You can only watch really cool shows on the refrigerator.)

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