scamA reader was recently scammed by someone pretending to be an AT&T technician. Here’s how he got there:

He Googled “AT&T” and didn’t notice that the first choice that came up was actually an ad. (We did this too once, for another company, and the scammers immediately attacked Joy’s computer, after she gave them permission to control it at a distance. That was Joy’s first big no-no and of course she had to stay after school for that.)

In the reader’s case, the fake AT&T team¬† also got access to his PC and claimed to have found a lot of things they could fix, for a “mere” $700. The reader got the scammer’s name and employee number, called AT&T and found out they had no such employee.¬† He saved the $700 but then started getting messages about the need to update drivers on his computer for $30. We told him to ignore those too. Updating drivers is free.

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