tips and tricksA reader wrote in to give us some of his favorite Windows computing tips. Some we’ve written about before, one was an eye-opener.

–“Snipping Tool” captures portions of your computer screen and lets you erase items, add notes, and highlight parts.

— “Sticky Notes” are little Post-it style notes that stay on your screen. Use it instead of actual Post-its and little scraps of paper lying around your desk. In Windows 10, click the start button in the lower left corner and then click “All Apps.” You’ll find it under “Windows Accessories.”

— “GodMode.” When you create a special folder on your desktop, you enter the closest thing we’ve seen to Windows heaven. It gives you a list of everything you can do in Windows, from enlarging text to configuring printers or setting up “autoplay.”

To enter “God Mode,” right-click your desktop and choose “new folder.” Right-click it again and choose “rename.” For the right name to put in there, search the web for “PCMag God Mode.” Copy the string of numbers and characters exactly, including the first period but leaving out the last one. The result is a wonderful list of tools that appear in a box you can call up whenever you want.

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