gift cardsWe’ve never gotten a gift card we didn’t like. But there are some we would definitely reject. (A Bungee-Jumping gift certificate would be high on the list.) Here are a couple of ¬†websites where you can trade your cards for cash. will buy back your gift cards or sell you new ones at a discount. They trade cards from more than 400 retailers. When you sell them your card, you get 92 percent of the card’s value, or you can trade it for a card from Amazon, CVS or United Airlines. If you buy a card, shipping is free. We saw a $100 Ann Taylor gift card for $76 for example, and a $300 card for $229.

A similar site is¬† They have cards from hundreds of retailers and some are on sale for as much as 35 percent off the regular price.¬† You can also sell them your cards, as long as there’s still money left on it for more than $20 and less than $300. Check out the GiftCards app for Android and iPhones.

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