GIVING AWAY AN OLD PHONE has an article about wiping your old Android phone before giving it away. The bottom line: sexy photos, corporate secrets, and old love notes may still be there, even after a full factory reset.

Avast, our favorite free anti-virus, bought 20 used smartphones on eBay, all of which had undergone a factory reset. They found 40,000 photos, including 250 nude selfies, hundreds of email and text messages, the financial info from a loan application and the full identities of four owners. And that’s just from 20 phones. They got all this info using off-the-shelf data-retrieval tools.

What’s a selfie addict to do? Consumer Affairs says that the only way to foil snoopers  is to overwrite your data: add a bunch of meaningless photos or videos, fill up your email and text accounts with meaningless messages, lots of gibberish. Boy does this sound time-consuming.

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