chromebookIf you have a computer laying around that’s no good any more, consider turning it into a lightning-fast Chromebook.

Click here on the phrase “How to turn an Old Laptop into a Chromebook” and you’ll get instructions from Digital Trends. You should only attempt this on a computer you don’t need, because it  will wipe out the old contents. Be sure you transfer any pictures or files to an external drive or online storage first. You’ll install a version of the Chrome operating system called “Cloud Ready.”

A Chromebook isn’t like a Mac or a PC or even a Linux computer. It uses the Google Chrome operating system (not to be confused with the Google Chrome web browser). It’s great for browsing the web, doing email and playing online games. But you can’t install programs on it, such as Microsoft Word. Many people use it as a second computer, and it’s become the popular choice for schools  –72 percent of the market. That’s because every time it boots up, it fixes any problems encountered the last time you use it.

There was a rumor reported by The Wall Street Journal recently that Google was dropping Chrome to make it simply a new version of the Android operating system they use for smart phones. This turned out to be false.

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