Peanutize yourselfpeanutsThe website PeanutizeMe.com lets you look like a character in the “Peanuts” comic strip. Choose a boy or girl and then select what he or she is wearing, and select a background. With brown hair and glasses, Joy’s Peanuts character looked something like her. This is a very clever use of an old programming routine and is being used to promote a new movie titled “The Peanuts Movie.” Likely we’ll see it used frequently now to create your own super hero, android, cowboy or whatever new show or movie is coming out.

Joy shared the cartoon on Facebook, where we’ve already seen half a dozen others. A “wallpaper” version can serve as the background picture for your computer. There’s also a “profile picture” you could use in an email, on Facebook, or wherever you use a picture of yourself. We loved the jazz piano from the Peanuts TV specials playing in the background while we created our Peanut.

Whether we see the movie or not, we’ll be sure to get the new Peanuts stamps on our next trip to the Post Office.

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