“Podcasts” are radio shows you can listen to with an iTunes or Podcast app on your phone or tablet. We’re using “Podcast Addict” on our Android phone. From iTunes or a Podcast app, you can find thousands of shows to listen to. Here are our favorites so far:

freakonomics radio— “Freakonomics Radio” has quirky stories about funny problems all over the world that get solved with a little economic sense. How San Francisco solved its parking problem is a good one. During heavy demand they raise the parking meter fees. In Los Angeles, on the other hand, 40 percent of all cars parked at meters pay nothing — because they have handicapped or official business signs in their windshields. (Are there that many handicapped people in Los Angeles?) You can also hear these shows on their website,

— “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” can be heard as a podcast as well as a regular radio show. Years ago on a whim, we made a large (for us) donation to National Public Radio and got to go behind the scenes on stage while the stars of the show were warming up. We had hardly ever listened to the show, and were the only ones back stage besides the stars themselves. We found it amusing, and have since enjoyed the show many times — the podcast, that is, rather than the live version.

— “The Moth” has true stories told by those who experienced them. We listened to a woman’s tale of winning the top role in her elementary school play, a parody of the old TV show “Gunsmoke,” when she was eleven. The audience laughed at her portrayal of sexy Miss Kitty perched on a bar. She thought they would be stunned by how glamorous she looked, but later she realized her natural calling was to become a comedian.

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