Jitterbug 5 from GreatCallA friend’s 93 year-old mother is getting a new phone so she can call a ride service to be picked up when she’s out and about. She’s never used a cell phone. We suggested the Jitterbug. We’ve mentioned this before and what we really like about it is you can talk to a human if you’re lost.

We have a Jitterbug and a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, but the Jitterbug is the easiest to use. When we couldn’t find a rental car agency near the airport once, we tapped “O” for operator on our Jitterbug. Besides greeting us by name, the operator steered us block by block to the rental car place, which had moved since we were last there.

If you get the Jitterbug for a senior member of your family, it’s a good idea to practice with them. Sit side by side and call them, then let them call you. After you dial a number, it says “Call?” Press “yes” to call. Those used to landlines may need practice before they remember to press the “yes” button.

The Jitterbug comes with a lot of extra services, some free. For example, they’ll put your list of contacts in the phone for you, and there’s a button on the phone that connects you with emergency services. For an extra $5 a month, you can use a nurse-on-call feature. Anyway, we’ve had one for years and we like it and this isn’t a company promo. The Jitterbug 5 is $99 for the phone and $20 a month for the service.

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