Apple WatchA friend of ours got an Apple Watch as a retirement present and it came in really handy on a trip abroad when he couldn’t find his iPhone. His watch told him a phone call was coming in and he answered it on his wrist. He then realized that his iPhone must be nearby because the Watch won’t work unless it is. And so he carried that thought through and found the phone in another jacket. Or, you could just search through your pockets.

Here are some fun apps for the Watch, all of which also work on phones:

BBC News gives you the latest headlines right there on your wrist. (Also on Android.)

Yahoo Weather tells you the temperature, the wind, and what the weather really feels like, despite the temperature. Tap the watch face to get graphs with more info. (Android version here.)

— CityMapper (iOS/Android) gives you train, bus and subway schedules, as well as bicycling info. The watch knows where you are. (And so do we — ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.)

— “XE Currency” (iOS/Android) is a currency converter. In a flash you can see the answer to the traveler’s eternal question: “How much is that in dollars?”

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