chrome“Chrome Kills Flash.” This reads like a headline from a new comic book, but it refers to ads and pictures that use Adobe Flash to make them pop up from the Internet. (The late Steve Jobs often said how much he hated Adobe Flash.)

In practice Flash is most frequently used to make those annoying video ads that start playing automatically as soon as you go to some web sites or even as you’re scrolling down. Well they won’t do that in Google’s Chrome browser anymore. What annoyed Google (and just about everyone else in the known universe) was that when the video ads started up, everything else slowed down. The most immediate benefit will be on your phone, you’ll save data charges. Big pictures and big videos eat up your data budget quickly. Unless you have an unlimited data plan, you’ve probably noticed this already.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or some other browser, it’s easy to switch to Chrome without uninstalling anything. Go to to get it. If your Chrome browser seems buggy, use the free tool at to fix it.

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