plastic roadsAsphalt roads doesn’t last long, but few cities will put up the money for concrete or other materials. A construction company, VolkerWessels, has revealed plans for plastic roads. They last three times longer than asphalt and can withstand extreme heat and cold, down to minus 40 and up to 176 Fahrenheit. They’re hollow, making it easy to lay down cabling and pipes, and are made of recycled plastic. The company will test them in Rotterdam’s “street lab.” They’ll be on regular roads in Holland in the next three years (God willing and the creek don’t rise).

This reminds Bob of his earliest days as a reporter, when he was assigned to cover a public meeting of the highways commission. “So if you pave it with asphalt, how long before it needs repairs,” a citizen in the audience asked. “Oh, could be five or six years,” the highway engineer answered. “Well how about if you pave it with concrete,” another citizen asked. “Oh, maybe a hundred years,” said the engineer. (But the cost went to the moon.)

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