kindle on the iphoneJoy’s friend Frieda is going to France but leaving her Kindle behind for safe keeping. Joy said to her: “Why not use your phone as a Kindle?” Here’s how to do that:

Start by downloading the Kindle app to your phone. (Google how to do that and all will be made clear.) If you’re using an Android phone, it’s easy; every book you’ve bought will show up on your phone and new purchases can be made from the app as well. It’s trickier if you have an iPhone. Apple doesn’t let you make purchases from within the Kindle app because they want you to use their own app: iBooks.

You can get around this by going to and getting a Kindle book. There are lots of free Kindle books at Amazon, just search on “free books.” Once you’ve selected your book, you’ll have the option to send it to your Kindle, your computer, your phone or some other gadget. Your next problem will be trying to read the book on the tiny smartphone screen.

For Frieda, some complications arose.  She received her Kindle as a gift from a relative who registered it under her account. Until she de-registered it, nothing synced with her phone. She found this out from Amazon itself. Click on the “call me now” button in Amazon’s help section. They have great tech support; they called back within seconds.

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