3_androidThe latest Android operating system, “M,” isn’t out yet, but here are the features getting the most buzz.

— “Permissions.” One of the scariest things about downloading an app today is having to tap  “Accept” to give the app permission over a dozen different areas. That won’t happen with M. The app will only ask permission for something when it needs it.

— “Doze” notices when your phone is at rest and shuts down unnecessary programs running in the background. According to Google, this makes the battery last 50 percent longer before a recharge.

— “Android Pay” is now more like “Apple Pay.” It’s easier to use.  After signing up with a credit card, you can buy things by holding your phone against a Near Field Communications sensor, like those at Whole Foods, McDonalds, Macy’s, Subway, Staples, Best Buy, etc.

— “Now on Tap” brings Google searches inside other apps. For example, if someone texts you that they’re looking for “Greater Pewee,” and you wonder if they’re looking for a restroom, hold down the home button and the app will look it up for you. Turns out it’s the name of a bird.

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