BOOKMARKSA friend of ours lost all her favorite pages on the web even though she bookmarked them. It happened when her husband restored her computer back to its factory defaults. Sure the computer is fast, but what about all that stuff that took many hours to find?

First off, this should never happen to users of the Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers. Saved bookmarks are stored on their computers, not yours; when you sign in, you’ll see your bookmarks no matter what computer you’re using.

Unfortunately for our buddy in the suburbs, she was using Internet Explorer for her browser, and those bookmarks are now on their way to a distant star. Here’s what to do to prevent that happening to you. Export your bookmarks and save them to a thumb drive or email them to yourself. That way you’ll have them ready to import to a new computer. If you Google the words “export bookmarks,” you’ll find detailed instructions for every browser.

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