hinge dating appWe’ve never tried “Hinge,” which is a fast-growing dating service. We didn’t try it because we’re married and happy about it. Now that a widowed friend has tried it, we’re adding a few words of caution. is a free app that finds matches for you from friends of your Facebook friends. By confining the field, they claim you’re more likely to find suitable matches.

When our widowed friend started Hinge on her iPad, she was startled to see her adult son’s face beaming up at her; she was afraid it was about to match her with his friends, despite the huge age differences. No one had ever disconnected as fast as she did. She didn’t realize the app just opens with the last Facebook page you were looking at. The next time she opened it, the screen filled with a picture of a burly guy on a motorcycle. Obviously, they still have a few mismatches to work out. She asked us how to get rid of it

Getting rid of an app on an iPad is as easy as holding your finger on the app until all your app icons begin to jiggle. (Tap the “X” to delete.) But you’re not through with Hinge yet. Hinge, like any app that connects with Facebook, must be deleted from your Facebook account. To proceed, go to Facebook settings and tap the “x” next to the app you want to delete. Tap the pencil to prevent any app from posting on your behalf.

Fortunately, our friend didn’t suffer any embarrassment from Hinge. Hinge doesn’t post on your behalf, so no one except the people you contact are likely to know of your involvement. Still, it’s good to be cautious.

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