hilary clintonWhat if Hilary Clinton had used encrypted email instead of a private email service? Could anyone have uncovered her conversations? We don’t know the answer but we have one word for privacy seekers: encryption.

We’ve been trying out the free trial version of “StartMail,” a $60 a year encryption service. It allows you to send unreadable email that becomes readable when the recipient answers a secret question. All they see at first is your name and the subject line. Your “sent mail” folder is also encrypted.

Since everything takes place on the web, as with Gmail or Yahoo mail, there’s no installation. Use it at home or work and no one but a confederate will be able to read the mail. It comes with 10 gigabytes of email storage.

You could also try a free encryption program, if you don’t need a tidy mailbox. We tried Infoencrypt.com. The process couldn’t be simpler. Go to the website, type in your message, type in a password, and click “encrypt.”  When you save it, you get a link to the message. Share the link, and if the recipient has the password, it instantly decrypts.

Unfortunately, the message will lack formatting. We wrote down four great Adam Smith quotes, with spaces between each one, and it came out as one paragraph, with no spaces.

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