phone soapIn a recent survey, the manufacturer of a sanitizer called PhoneSoap, asked people which they thought was dirtier: the soles of their shoes, a toilet seat or a cellphone: Most chose the toilet seat, but it’s actually the phone. Most cellphones have 18 times more bacteria than the toilet in a public restroom, they say.

The device they sell is the PhoneSoap Charger, a $60 box the size of a small book. Put the phone in the box and an ultraviolet light kills all the bacteria in 4 minutes, they claim. And the phone is being charged at the same time. Fear not: No soap is involved.

We’ve been using it to sanitize just about anything that fits into the box: keys, credit cards, pocket comb, loose change, etc. (Some of this stuff we’ve never cleaned before.) It’s especially handy for phones, though, since liquid cleaners could damage them.

It’s not sound-proof, so you can hear email notifications and wake-up alarms while the cleaning is going on.

We found plenty of other sterilizers for a lot less on Amazon, but these had too many negative reviews to recommend. They all used ultraviolet light as the sanitizer, but did not charge the phone at the same time. Many had complaints that the sanitizer was too small to hold the phone unless you took off the case, which would leave you with a clean phone in a dirty case. Duh.

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