pantelligentIt’s not enough to have a smart phone these days, you need a smart frying pan.

What we have here is a crowd-funding project called “Pantelligent.” A sensor in the pan keeps track of time and temperature and sends that information to an iPhone app, which lets you know what’s cooking, so to speak.

It tells you when the pan is hot enough to put in the meat or veggies, when to flip them and when to take them out. The app will alert you if you get distracted. Start by tapping on a picture of something you want to cook, to get simple instructions and an ingredients list. The app includes a “record recipe” feature, so you can nail down Mom’s secrets and do them on your own. A video on shows inventor Humberto Evans making the perfect salmon. It’s expected to sell for around $200 as soon as the early bird orders have completed.

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