JibJab_video_greetingA colleague emailed us a hilarious Christmas greeting video from It featured ¬†featuring faces from her family placed on the bodies of Santa’s elves. We couldn’t resist making JibJabs of our own. There are several styles and they are all hilarious.

When you upload your photos, JibJab sticks the faces onto cartoon bodies and produces a musical video for free. In a minute or two, our video had Bob’s law professor son rocking around a Christmas tree, with the rest of the family dancing beside him. They wore mariachi outfits and sang “Feliz Navidad.” Jibjab also has templates for birthdays and other holidays.

Before you can use a photo, JibJab prompts you to select just the head and zoom in or out for the best shot.¬† It’s as easy as pie, but if you want to save your cartoons for later use, you need a membership, which costs $18 a year. We sprang for the full ticket.

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