google searchA common reader question is how do they find something we have mentioned in a column, and sometimes they ask how to find things we’ve never mentioned. Either way, the answer is the same: Google it, or Yahoo it, or Bing it.

Joy has developed this search technique to a fine art. What she has discovered is the narrower you define the search, the more likely you are to have it come up right away. This works with quotes, snatches of movie dialogue, headlines you vaguely remember, almost anything that can help the search engine find a match.

Everything our friend wants to do on her iPad or computer can be Googled. Send a text message to a group? Google it. Revise your Facebook profile? Google it.

Search on the sentence “The future is an unknown country,” and you will come up with lots of “Hits,” as they say, that define it as the title of a Star Trek movie. In fact, it is amazing how the search often finds nothing else. Which is too bad, because the line is actually from Shakespeare. If you add his name to the search, you get it.

So … can’t remember where you heard or read it but want to find it again? Put in details.

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