RENNY_RINGERWe just read that landline phones will be phased out – meaning “cutoff” — in about five years. We’re ready, now that our cell phone is connected to a speaker that takes calls and plays music.

The “Renny Ringer” is a $60 speaker, about the size of a softball, and it rings when someone calls your cell phone. If you’re in the kitchen with wet hands, or can’t find your phone, you can use it hands-free. It rings about three times louder than most phones and the sound quality is excellent. We sometimes use it to listen to music from a cell phone app while we’re typing away on the computer. The cell phone can be up to 200 feet away.

The $150 version, “Renny Home,” adds another feature: It announces the name of the caller. There’s no dial pad in either the $60 or $150 version, but you can make a call with voice commands.

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