blast motion basketballFitness tracking has hit basketball. Now you can measure the height of your jump and how long you hang in the air before dunking that shot. Users say cheers are in order if you can climb air for .7 of a second; one user claimed doing 1.2 seconds. Sign that kid up.

It’s called “Blast Basketball” and it’s a $149 motion sensor clipped to the waistband of a basketball player, measuring jump height, rotation and hang time. There’s a video on YouTube showing it in action. The company, “Blast Motion, also sells motion sensors for golf and baseball.

If you want a movie of your moves as well as a sensor to keep track of them, Blast Motion also sells a $150 “Action Cam,” a special motion sensor which attaches to a GoPro camera, which in turn attaches to you doing loops on your skateboard, skis, or bicycle. A smartphone app creates video highlights and overlays the player’s jump and rotation statistics right on the video.

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